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Ek Onkar Satnam Karta-Purakh Nirbhau Nirvair Akal Murati Ajuni Saibhang Guru Prasadi...

There were once two boys who both used to visit a statue of Shiv Ji which was near their village. The first boy used to visit Shiv Ji’s statue to pray and seek their blessings whereas the second boy would visit Shiv Ji’s statue to hurl stones at it. Although the first boy used to come earlier in the day the second boy used to spend just as much time with Shiv Ji’s statue. Unlike the first boy the second boy had to come under the cover of darkness as to throw stones at Shiv Ji’s statue was a great sin which would be severely punished if anyone caught the boy in the act.

One day as the first boy was about to set off to visit the statue it started to rain very heavily. The boy looked outside his window and decided to wait until the rain had stopped. As soon as the rain eased up the boy set foot outside but was called back by his mother who told him that diner was ready. The boy thought for a while and then decided that he would go and visit the statue after he had finished eating. When the boy finished eating, he quickly got up and went outside. As he was walking towards the statue his father who was coming back from work caught hold of him and told him to go back to the house as it was now very dark. The boy protested but in the end did what his father asked him to do.

As all this was happening the clouds opened up again and rain began to fall to the earth once more. The second boy who was at home picked up some stones and headed towards the statue. Although the boy could hear his mother he ignored her as he thought that he could eat his food after he had thrown the stones at Shiv Ji’s statue. On the way to the statue the boy met many people who told him to come into their homes so that he wouldn’t get wet and catch a cold. Despite their pleas the boy ignored them and continued on his way.

When he reached Shiv Ji’s statue he started throwing stones in the usual way. The second boy was the only person who visited Shiv Ji’s statue that day.

Shiv Ji pleased with the dedication of the boy took the form of an old man and appeared before him. The old man said, “What do you want from this world son? Is there anything that I can give you?”

The boy looked at the old man and started laughing. He then said, “Can you really give me anything?”

The old man nodded his head. The boy still laughing said, “Ok, give me big horns.”

As soon as the boy said this horns began to grow from his head. When he returned to the village people began to hurl stones at him and eventually after being hit many times he died.


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